Marie-Louise Gerets

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts, Marie-Louise combined work with creativity. During her psychosocial career, she analysed children's drawings. This awakened a desire to understand more about the creative side of things, and to further research and develop it. Both that of the world around her, and of herself.

Her discoveries are expressed through the many chosen subjects: the colossal, the minute and the connection with the elements fire, water, earth, and air.  Also using contradictory materials and the layers found in the art, human nature, and the natural world. All these subjects give away her fascination with the metaphysical world.

Her creative vision, the knowledge she attained through her degree, and her project experience all inspire her to actualise dynamic imagery in modern art and culture.

Nothing is something.
Something is not nothing.
If something is not nothing,
then nothing is really something

(ML Gerets)

Expositions i.a.:
* Old City Hall - Maasmechelen
* Bond Pallet – Stevensweert
* St.Jozef – Meijel
* Rabo Bank – Heerlen
* Care centre Vroenhof – Valkenburg aan de Geul
* Maastricht University Medical Center – Maastricht
* Exposie Meerssen - Meerssen
* 50 year anniversary of the mines – Sittard/Geleen
* Breda Museum - preliminary judging rounds for Rotterdam Ahoy
* Nationale Kunstdagen (National Art Days) - Rotterdam Ahoy
* Galleria De Marchi – Italy
* Hilton Hotel Stockholm - Sweden
* Park Lane London - England
* Kunst in Meerssen (Art in Meerssen) - Meerssen

Projects, i.a.:
Art and Culture projects for Meerssen Municipality
Various projects at Elementary Schools
Vocalgroup Get Real